Building an API with Slim 3, and PHP Performance with NewRelic

We’re relocating this month! The first of our new monthly meetings held at The Student Room Group, our brand new sponsor :-)

We continue our 2-talk format this month by welcoming Rob Allen and Adam Strawson to both present to the group:

Rob Allen

Building an API with Slim 3

Slim 3 builds on the PSR-7 HTTP message interfaces and provides useful features such as routing, and a DI container. It’s very lightweight and so is an ideal platform for building an API. In this talk, we’ll look at how to use Slim 3 as the basis for your API and build a fully featured API by leveraging Slim’s Middleware and components from Packagist.

Rob Allen (@akrabat) is a PHP and Zend Framework expert based in Worcester, UK. He runs Nineteen Feet, is the author of Zend Framework in Action

Adam Strawson

PHP Performance with NewRelic

During this talk I’ll demonstrate how you can take advantage of the popular tool NewRelic and use it to monitor performance for both the Application and End User, troubleshoot issues with your application and discover optimisation suggestions.

Adam Strawson (@adamstrawson) is a Site Reliability Engineer for The Student Room Group with 8 years industry experience. Previously in DevOps based roles on SASS and Financial platforms

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