SQL optimisations of high traffic sites, and 10 years in: should I refactor?

Thanks to everyone that came to the relaunched BrightonPHP last month, at the home of our brand new sponsor, The Student Room Group :-)

This month we have two talks as normal for you. Chris Perman, a senior developer at The Student Room Group, will be speaking, as will Rich Sage (of BrightonPHP).

Chris Perman

SQL optimisations of high traffic sites

A practical approach to optimising SQL queries to gain the best performance and minimum overhead, it is based on best practices which can be integrated into everyday development to ensure your database is not a bottle neck.

Chris Perman (@ecomustech) is a senior developer at The Student Room and in his own words a bit of a data and database junkie. And according to his official TSR bio, he’s the king of the TSR Xbox…



Rich Sage

10 years in: should I refactor?

Legacy projects often contain large amounts of technical debt but still function just fine; which can make it hard to justify spending time to update them. In this talk we’ll look at a real-world site with active development on a somewhat dated codebase. We’ll consider architectural improvements to a project that can make new features easier and safer to implement. Refactoring is definitely an option, and we’ll look at when and how this can be appropriate to add in, with the minimum of fuss and customer-facing impact.

If you’re the maintainer of a legacy project that’s still actively being developed but which needs updating without a major rewrite, learning when it’s right to refactor and how to do so are valuable skills to add to your toolbox. Opening up that codebase for the next round of development will be a much happier experience!

Rich Sage (@rich_81) is Technical Lead of the mobile team for digital agency White October. He stereotypically likes writing code and drinking coffee.

BrightonPHP November
BrightonPHP November