16th May 2016: Imposter Syndrome and the IoT

Thanks to everyone that came along to last month’s meeting and hope you all enjoyed the lively panel debates. This month’s meeting is on Monday May 16th, from 6.30pm (talks start at 7.15pm) at The Student Room Group. This month we welcome along Mark Bradley – software engineer for Sainsburys, along with BrightonPHP regular Julian Blundell.

As usual, we’re listed over on Lanyrd and joind.inplease mark yourselves as attending if you’re planning to come. Please note as well, that due to pizza and drink capabilities, we currently have a limit of 30 attendees so it’s definitely worth signing up sooner rather than later…

Mark Bradley: Imposter Syndrome: Am I Faking It?

Mark BradleyDo you feel like you’re faking it? like you don’t feel good enough to do your job? Feeling like you’ve blagged your way through your career? Then like me and hundreds of others, you might be suffering from imposter syndrome.

During my talk I am going to discuss what imposter syndrome is and how it feels. Then I’m going to talk you through why people suffer from it and how people overcome it.

This talk is based on both my personal experiences and those of others. By the end of it I hope you can identify if you are suffering from imposter syndrome and also create a team environment that helps to combat the feeling within your team mates.

Mark Bradley (@braddle) has worked in the software industry for over a decade, for both start ups and multinational companies. Mark is involved in the PHP Mentoring scheme and working on a mentoring program at work.

In his spare time Mark enjoys quiet evenings in the pub playing board games and spending time with his wife and children.

Julian Blundell: Sampling the environment with IoT

Sampling air quality at Parts Per Million, NO, NO2, Ozone and CO; Temperature and Humidity; Background noise and Particulates 10, 1 and 0.1 micron.Julian Blundell
We are hoping to build a large network of these boxes all over London and, eventually, the rest of the country.

Julian (@julianmark) is a Brighton based web developer specialising in JavaScript/jQuery, OO php and database design and development.


This month we’re giving away a kindly-donated copy (by the man himself) of Phil Sturgeon‘s “Build APIs you won’t hate” book. Raffle time!

PHP South Coast 2016

If you haven’t seen the buzz around this year’s PHP South Coast conference, where have you been?! :-) The schedule is out and the tickets are on sale – head on over to the PHPSC site for details.

And finally…

We’re always on the lookout for talks and presentations for BrightonPHP. Even if you’ve never presented before, a user group is a great way to start or at least try it out. Everyone has their own unique stories, skills and experience – why not share it with others? If you’re interested in speaking, please drop us a line at hello@brightonphp.org or just have a word at the next event :-) 20 min and 40 min talk slots available.

See you on Monday, 6.30pm onwards :-)