20th June 2016: Powerful & Flexible SQL Generation — Without the Hassle

This month’s meeting is on third Monday of the month, at our usual venue provided by The Student Room, but this month we have something a bit different: a video from the great NomadPHP “virtual user group” of Matthew Setter talking about Powerful & Flexible SQL Generation — Without the Hassle. There will be free beer, pizza and technical chat as always, and we’d like have pizza and discuss changes to the group. It would be great to get people’s feedback about changes coming in, ideas and future talks people would like to see.

Matthew Setter: Powerful & Flexible SQL Generation — Without the Hassle

PHP is almost synonymous with databases, and it has been since the early versions. Yet creating SQL queries can still be a challenging task. What’s the right tool to use? ORMs often feel like overkill, and creating queries by hand can be unmaintainable. In this session, I’ll show you how to use the ZendDb library to generate SQL queries — from simple selects to more complex unions, filtered deletions, and updates. You’ll learn how to use the library to create flexible, secure, maintainable, and reusable queries quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort in the long term.

This video from NomadPHP is presented by Matthew Setter (@settermjd)