18th July 2016: Profiling your PHP application

Thanks to everyone that came along to last month’s meeting, we hope you all enjoyed the Nomad PHP video on Powerful & Flexible SQL Generation.

This month’s meeting is on the 3rd Monday of the month as usual (18th of July) from 6.45pm at The Student Room Group, and features a talk on Profiling your PHP application from Michael Heap.

Please can you all sign up to the event on Lanyrd.com if you are coming along so we have an idea of numbers. We have a great talk lined up, but we are still looking for people to do a short 10 to 20 minute talk, so please email us if you are interested in having a go.

Michael Heap: Profiling your PHP application

So, you’ve been through and changed all your double quotes to single quoMichael Heaptes but your application still isn’t running at the speed of light. What’s going on?

Making an application scale is generally seen as something that only the most magical of developers can do, but it’s easy once you have the correct tools. Fortunately for us, these tools are freely available online!

In this talk, we’ll take a look at a few options that we have available to work out what our application is actually doing, help identify bottlenecks and fix them so that we can move on to the more important part of the project: delivering features.

Michael (@mheap) is a fixer at @DataSift. He works with various high volume data sources (including the Facebook firehose) in real time. Day to day, you can usually find him working with PHP or Go, with a bit of NodeJS or Python thrown in to keep things interesting.

We hope to see you this month, and please mail if you have any ideas or feedback about how we can make the sessions better.