17th October 2016: “Using Git in a distributive way”, and “How I built a commercial side project, on the Tube”

Hello Brighton PHPers!

The summer may be slipping behind us, but don’t despair, we’ve got not one but two great talks for you on Monday 17th October, as well as the usual beer and pizza courtesy of our wonderful hosts The Student Room Group.

Jose Barrera from the University of Sussex will be joining us to talk about using Git in a distributive way, and Rik Heywood from POD Point and Team Absence will be talking about how he built a commercial side project – on the tube! Read on for more details, or just turn up and join in! While you wait, let us know you’re coming on Lanyrd.com, or on the Facebook event; and even if you can’t make it why not join the new BrightonPHP Facebook group?

José Barrera: Using Git in a distributive way

The talk will cover the main features that make Git a distributed version control system and how they are used in the context of collaborative work, be it as part of an open source project or participating in a project with other developers in a company. The topics covered will include things such as working with remote repositories, branching, sharing your work and getting work from others, Merge vs Rebasing and resolving conflicts.

José Barrera is a web developer at the University of Sussex with extensive experience in the LAMP stack, a keen explorer of new languages and technologies; he has been known to immerse himself (to varying depths) in such things as Ruby, Docker, Vagrant, Clojure.

Rik Heywood: How I built a commercial side project, on the Tube

Rik has been working on a side project for the last few years, called Team Absence. It is a PHP 7, Laravel 5.3 project that he has built almost entirely on the tube during his daily commute. During the project’s lifetime, it’s variously been a playground for him to try out new ideas, a fun way to spend his time, or a way to teach himself about new versions of Laravel before forcing them onto his team at work.

Earlier this year he decided to try and make it into a real commercial venture.

He’ll be talking about his passion for software development, why he always has a side project and why you don’t always have to follow the conventional wisdom. He’ll also talk about how he took advantage of the ‘gig economy’ and the many free services that exist today, to enable him to bootstrap the project for only a few pounds.

Finally, building something real in 30 minute bursts, in a cramped and noise environment has it’s own challenges. He’d love people to walk away at the end of the talk believing that, yes, they can try and build that great idea in the back of their head – it can be done.

Rik Heywood is a software engineer that loves to build and create things. He’s Technical Director at POD Point and founder of Team Absence.