Thanks for coming, and see you again on Monday 21st November

Thanks to everyone that came along on Monday, it was good to see so many faces old and new; and a big thanks of course to our two speakers!

We hope to see lots of you again next month, on Monday 21st November, where we hope to have great talks from Derick Rethans on PHP 7, and … maybe you? If you have an idea for a 20 minute talk, or suggestions for who you’d like us to invite, by e-mailing, or on our Facebook group.

For those of you who weren’t able to make it this month, here’s what you missed:

José Barrera: Using Git in a distributive way

José gave us a great introduction to using Git, through the eyes of John, Jessica, and Josie, leading to some great discussions of how we all love and hate git, and exactly how best to use it.

You can have a look through José’s slides here.

Rik Heywood: How I built a commercial side project, on the Tube

Rik gave a fun and inspiring account of how, and why, he used his 20 minute journey to work to build a beautiful-looking web app for managing your team’s holidays. There were some great tips, including free and cheap tools you can use to get things started, so you don’t need to invest your hard-earned cash in a side project that’s mostly there for the fun and challenge.

Rik’s slides are online here if you want to find out how he did it. And how do you book your holiday at work? Maybe you should use Team Absence!


Finally, dare I mention Christmas? We’re thinking of doing something different in December, before everyone disappears to wherever they’re spending their festive season. We’d welcome your ideas, and watch this space for more.

Thanks again for coming, and to José and Rik for speaking, and see you all next month!