20th February 2017: Zsolt Kiss on Web Accessibility and Simon Downes on Code Quality

Hi everyone, it’s time to tell you about another pair of great talks at our next monthly meetup, on Monday, 20th February, starting at 18:45 at The Student Room offices. This month, we’ve got Zsolt Kiss talking about Programming for Web Accessibility, and Simon Downes talking about Improving Code Quality within a Team. They’re both sure to be great talks, so read on for more details, and mark the date in your diary.

If you haven’t been before, check out details of how to get there and what to expect. If you’re a regular, please do remember to spread the word, and let us know you’re coming on Lanyrd or on Facebook. And either way, do please e-mail any feedback about BrightonPHP to feedback@brightonphp.org.

Zsolt Kiss: Programming for Web Accessibility

Recently I got the task to make a website we were creating for a customer WCAG compliant. “What compliant?” was my initial reaction. I’d like to share now my experience of diving into a not-too-well-known world.

Update: Slides are now available here [PDF]

About Zsolt Kiss: I am a Software Engineer who fall in love with Web Development in the last decade. Although I define myself more of a back-end than front-end developer, I find Javascript and new front-end technologies one of the most exciting topics in Web Development. I also used Java a lot, and I am using PHP and Python in my everyday work. I fiddle with Arduinos and Raspberry PI in my spare time.

Simon Downes: Improving Code Quality within a Team

We all aspire to writing high quality code; in this talk we’ll be taking a look at what code quality is, why it’s important and how we can improve it across a team of developers.

Update: Slides are now available here (Google Drive)

Simon is a Lead Developer at The Student Room by day and an RAF Air Cadet Instructor by night/weekends. He’s also been known to enjoy the odd gaming session and has an ever-growing Steam backlog.

Coming Up…

At January’s meetup, we had a discussion about what topics people would be interested in seeing talks on in the coming months. The biggest overall theme from those in the room seemed to be “make it practical” – talks about how you can apply tools and practices, not just theories and Google-funded experiments. Thanks very much to those who joined in, and we hope to find some great speakers on the topics that seemed most popular. Please add your two cents to this discussion thread on Facebook or if you’re one of that dying breed who don’t use Facebook, just drop us a line at the usual e-mail address.

Talking of finding speakers, both our February speakers are volunteers from the user group itself – people like you. If you think you could talk to a group of like-minded people for 20 or 40 minutes, about something broadly PHP or development related, pick a month, and we’ll put you in the calendar.

Finally, a quick reminder that our local PHP conference, PHP South Coast, is running for two days in June this year, and until the end of January, tickets are on sale for the bargain Blind Bird price of £90. Book yours now!

That’s all for now; hope to see you on February 20th!