Our meetings

We meet on the 3rd Monday of every month at the offices of our lovely hosts and sponsors – Hays IT Recruitment.

Address: International House, Queens Road, Brighton BN1 3XE

You are welcome to arrive at the venue any time after 6.15pm, with the first talk normally kicking off around 7.00pm. Most months we have two talks: one of 2o minutes and one of 40 minutes, with free beer and pizza in between. We’re usually done by 9pm.

Subscribe to this calendar URL in Google Calendar, Thunderbird, Outlook, etc, to be reminded of upcoming events: http://brightonphp.org/brightonphp.ics (Note: you need to “subscribe” not “import” the file, or you will not receive updates.)


International House is right in front of Brighton’s train station. The front door (shown here) is open until 7pm:

International House - front

After 7pm, you need to enter via the back entrance on the road behind the building, adjacent to the Royal Albert Pub: